We are committed to act with respect and responsibility, in full adherence to the law, and in line with our company’s ethical values. If you notice any concerns in our operations, please let us know.

Our staff and stakeholders can confidentially report observed misconduct through our reporting channel. If you have reasonable grounds to suspect that there have been violations, misconduct, or actions contrary to our company’s values in our operations, please make a report.


Making a Report and Handling Process

If you are an employee, we recommend discussing the matter first with your immediate supervisor or the person responsible in our company. If you prefer not to contact these individuals, you can use the Reporting Channel. We also process anonymous reports. Please note that without your contact information, it may be challenging for us to investigate the misconduct.

All reports are handled confidentially following Takana Oy’s reporting guidelines. The privacy of the reporter, the subject of the report, and any other parties mentioned in the report is protected throughout the handling process.

Only authorized employees designated for this purpose have access to the information in the report, and we do not disclose your identity to external parties without your consent. Additional experts may be involved in the investigation as necessary.

Authorized individuals may request further information from you regarding the report. We will respond to you after receiving the report and will inform you of the outcome of the investigation within a maximum of three months.


You can make a report to whistleblow@takana.fi

Please do not include sensitive personal data in the report unless it is essential for describing the report and its handling.