When staff travel or work abroad, the number of variables and issues to consider also increases. The aim is to increase your staff’s security awareness by providing them confidence through best practices that they’ve learnt and rehearsed. Safe in the knowledge that their employer has their backs covered at all times.

Our travel safety training package provides the ability to identify, manage and respond to travel-related risks in threatening and unexpected situations.

Training is supported by your organisation’s travel procedures, as well as travel guidelines. A questionnaire sent in advance will give participants a chance to stipulate what training should concentrate on.

Training focuses on careful preparation and the importance of interaction. It will also give participants the opportunity to share their experiences and good practices with others.

Training content

  • An introduction to current travel security trends
  • An overview of the global security environment from the traveller’s perspective
  • An introduction to basic practices before, during, and after the trip
  • Tips on how to identify and help prevent problems from arising
  • How to deal with emergency situations
  • Interactive training with the opportunity to share experiences and analyse what happened with a trainer.