You simply can’t prevent every incident for happening in the workplace but you can be trained how to be prepare for them. Our training programme gives staff the ability to prevent threatening and hazardous situations and to deescalate, deal with and learn from them.

We will identify where to start in organisation and liaise with you to create a road map for training that produces a sustainable safety culture to meet your needs.

The purpose of the training is to increase your staff’s security awareness and confidence in the models practised and support they receive from you. You will then have the peace of mind to focus on your job better.

Training programme content

  • Taking stock of the starting point together
  • Staff safety questionnaire and interviews where necessary
  • Risk-identification workshop and assessment
  • Roadmap planning of threat and hazard training
  • Organising training modules
  • Exercises preparing staff for incidents
  • Organisational management training and developing crisis readiness
  • Measuring the safety level and analysing results