Maintaining and improving security takes time and resources. What if you let experienced, specialised experts do it for you?

Our team will ownership for the day-to-day management of your security operations and ensure that operational practices are improved consistently. The team will fit so seamlessly into your daily routine that they will feel like part of your business family.

The service package is always tailored to your needs and circumstances. Our concept is to ensure that management has a clear focus that creates control enabling your operations to be more efficient. You can concentrate on what you do best.

Key benefits of the service

  • A team of experts that harnesses best-practice expertise to benefit your organisation
  • Security is not only managed, but also continually enhanced
  • All levels of the organisation receive the support required on security issues.
  • Resources can be scaled up as needed, for example for projects, therefore avoiding cumbersome recruitment processes
  • Takana is your strategic security partner